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12th Night Champagne Social with King James & The Special Men

I, quite literally, just took down my Christmas tree (in order it take advantage of Christmas Tree recycling for the wetlands), and already it’s carnival time. Oh my. It really never stops.

I think my preferred Twelfth Night celebration is tonight’s “Champagne Social” with King James & The Special Men. If you haven’t checked out their regular Monday gig at BJ’s you’re missing out.

Champagne Social tonight @ d.b.a. 10pm. $5.


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Christmas Eve Drinking

Finally got that shopping done? Need a drink? Why not go have one at the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel? While you’re there you can experience the beautifully decorated lobby–a tradition the hotel resurrected last year.

Wanna keep drinking?…Then go over d.b.a. where DJ Lefty Parker and Elves will be bringing you a holiday soul/funk dance party. Bar opens at 7pm. Music starts at 9pm.

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Zydepunks and Morning 40’s

It was pretty much bonkers on Frenchmen Street last night–the last two nights, actually. And, I suspect it will be so this night as well, except tonight will be the real party people–those of us who don’t work regular jobs, or don’t have jobs at all, or those of us who have regular jobs, but are so committed to the party that we have already taken tomorrow off.

Of course there is the game to watch. The R bar is the place around the area to watch Saints games, but it will probably be absolutely overrun. If that’s the case why not spill over some place like Desperados where the game will be on, and there will be pizza and beer and people watching, and also someplace to sit? Then, when the game is over, you are right there by d.b.a. to catch the Zydepunks, and the bi-annual reunion of the Morning Forty Federation? Just sayin’…

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R. Scully & Rough Seven CD Release

Oh, dear. After last weekend’s Happy Talk Band CD release party at d.b.a., I just don’t know if I am already ready for R. Scully & the Rough Seven‘s party. I’m going to have to plan ahead this time, bring snacks and hydration–I’m talking survivalist partying. This show is going to be bonkers.

So, Ryan Scully, formerly of Morning Forty Federation, is releasing his first album with his new band, Rough Seven. I’ve heard much of it played live, and it’s great. So, when I say “formerly” of the Morning Forty Federation, I guess what that means is that the band is no longer writing new material, but if it’s a special occasion (or, I imagine, the money’s right) they’ll reassemble and play. Tonight is one of those nights. Along with the Rough Seven and the Forties (I just realized that the word “forty” in the title of the band name is taking on a new meaning as everyone is getting older) Happy Talk Band and Rotary Downs will be playing, among others. Better eat your Wheaties.

10pm. $5. d.b.a

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Happy Talk Band CD Release (& B-Day Party)

So, full disclosure right up front, Luke Allen of the Happy Talk Band is my favoritest person ever, so much so that I married him. And, I know it is hard to be objective about those you love–that’s why there are therapists–but he is a truly great songwriter, one of the best I’ve ever heard. Speaking of therapists, I think his songs may need one. Happy Talk songs are rock, country, folk and a little punk sometimes, and the music is fun and loud, but if you actually listen, the words are a devastating exploration of the human condition, from bravado-filled, first-person murder ballads, to existential pleas about monkeys in space. Oh yeah, there are also some other guys in the band like Alex McMurray, Casey McAllister and the rhythm section from the Morning Forty Federation.

Now, I don’t use my little blog of no importance to shamelessly promote myself and my friends (well, very occasionally), but tonight this is truly the thing to do. Not only is it the CD release party of the bands third album, “Starve a Fever”–good title huh, told you he was a good writer–it is also Luke’s Birthday, a big birthday necessitating a big party. Be there or be square.

DJ D.L. Parker spins intermittently. d.b.a. 11pm. $5.


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C’mon Y’all, Mr. Okra Needs a New Truck

So, Mr. Okra’s broke down about 6 months ago, y’all. Don’t know who Mr. Okra is? Here’s a trailer for a documentary some folks made about him. It features the sound of his voice letting us know what he’s got on the truck, familiar to all of us who live in the neighborhoods he frequents. I’ve sure been missing it.

So, some bands got together and decided to throw a benefit to buy him a new one.  Specifically: Morning 40 Federation, Happy Talk Band, Guitar Lightnin’ Lee, King James & My Graveyard Jaw. It’s all going down from 6PM ’til who knows, at d.b.a., $10.

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Foburg and Bartlett (my new luxury brand)

So, today through Sunday is the inaugural Foburg Festival, an indie rock showcase which will be taking over Frenchmen Street. It’s a smart idea, in that it’s the week before South by Southwest in Austin, and it’s a good way to get a lot of up and coming bands, that are already out touring, to stop in New Orleans.

New Orleans isn’t much of an indie rock town, and, frankly, I am often glad of that. In indie rock towns (think Portland, OR) everyone seems to be 25, dead serious, and wouldn’t think of dancing, unless of course it was in some sort of ironic hipster way. In New Orleans, we just don’t take ourselves quite that seriously. That said! I’m sure there will be some great acts, that would not have otherwise come through town, and a whole bunch of awesome local folks will be performing. A pass to see all the shows is $25–a great deal. The clubs that are participating are: Dragon’s Den, Checkpoint Charlie’s, The Maison, Blue Nile, d.b.a., and R Bar, and there are nearly 100 acts!

But, today, before all that get over to the Ogden Museum, where from 6-8, will be an evening with Bo Bartlett.  His current show has been extended multiple times (I previously mentioned it here), and this evening will be a chance to hear him talk about his work.

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