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d.b.a. Goes (mostly) Non-Smoking Today

So d.b.a. is going smoke-free today. And when I say smoke-free–I mean the bar will definitely be smoke-free during performance times (which is most of the time), and may possibly make exceptions for performers who want to smoke, or during very early and late hours.
There has been quite a bit of press and controversy and confusion surrounding this new policy. So, firstly, full-disclosure, I work there. Secondly, I am an occasional smoker, who doesn’t mind going outside for her occasional cigarette…Now, I feel like a kid caught in the middle of a divorce. The smokers feel betrayed; the non-smokers are jubilant. I do not feel so strongly either way.
Reading the comments on the article in nola.com you’d think this were a hot-button issue like gay marriage or something.
Choosing to jump the gun on the inevitable, but elusive, smoking ban is an experiment that will have to play out over the next months and years. But, in the meantime, may I present a solution that does not involve long discussions of property rights versus government responsibilities to protect workplace and public health? Let us look to technology and human innovation to solve the problem.┬áIf you are heavy smoker, or just really like smoking indoors: have you seen the progress being made with smokeless cigarettes? All of the nicotine, and the act of smoking, without all the kill-you stuff. I’m just saying, why can’t we all just get along?

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