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12th Night Champagne Social with King James & The Special Men

I, quite literally, just took down my Christmas tree (in order it take advantage of Christmas Tree recycling for the wetlands), and already it’s carnival time. Oh my. It really never stops.

I think my preferred Twelfth Night celebration is tonight’s “Champagne Social” with King James & The Special Men. If you haven’t checked out their regular Monday gig at BJ’s you’re missing out.

Champagne Social tonight @ d.b.a. 10pm. $5.


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Euclid Trivia Night

Know way more about music than I do? The Euclid folks recently started up this weekly trivia night at the Hi-Ho. Check it out:

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Last Show at the Circle Bar…

…for a while. Ye old Circle Bar, one of my favorite bars in the city, is going to be closing for a while to undergo some renovations. They’re saying six weeks, but we know how that sort of thing goes. Tonight they are having a big closing night blowout featuring four really good bands, each headliners in their own right: The Happy Talk Band, Rik Slave and The Phantoms, Felix and O.L.D. This gonna be a fun one. 10 pm.

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Yale Whiffenpoofs

So, I have a confession. I am a secret fan of The Sing-Off–the a capella competition that recently aired on NBC. No doubt the show started as a reaction to the popularity of Glee–about which I have mixed feelings. Regardless, I really like competition shows featuring people doing creative things extremely well–especially the ones that are strictly about the talent, and not about dramas between the contestants (although I watch shows like that, too). Anyway! So, this season on The Sing-Off, there were a bunch of a capella groups ranging from a group of sextuagenarian guys from Oakland in Jerry Lawson and the Talk of the Town to the privileged sons of the Yale Whiffenpoofs–the hundred year old a capella group from Yale University. There were a smattering of church boys and jazz nerds and children of stage parents in between with awesome names like “Pitch Slapped.” So, one of my favorite moments was when the conductor of the Whiffenpoofs let everyone know that they had invented a capella–as if no one in human history had thought to sing together in harmony, unaccompanied by musical instruments before 1909–and then one of the judges, none other than a former member of Boyz II Men, put that kid in his place.

I can’t believe I have gone on this long about The Sing-Off…So! I forgave the Whiffenpoofs their smugness. And, honestly, I really liked their bizarre and funny stylings. And, they’re in town tonight! They will be performing a free show tonight at 7pm at Trinity Episcopal Church.

BTW: This was one of my favorite moments from the show this season. Forgive me:

But, c’mon, they took this kind of forgettable Beyonce song and turned it into a feminist teenage anthem…Anybody?

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Anxious Sound’s Holiday Ho-Down

Nothing says the holidays like experimental cajun music, right?

The Hi Ho Lounge is hosting Anxious Sound’s annual Holiday Ho-Down tonight at 10pm. Here’s the deets:

Anxious Sound’s annual tradition of closing out the year with a convergence of the region’s most adventurous improvising musicians continues with the 2010 installment which looks to be the most exciting one yet. The cast of characters will include such local luminaries as JAMES SINGLETON, SIMON LOTT, DONALD MILLER, JESSE MORROW, WILL THOMPSON, ROB CAMBRE, and Mississippian BRUCE GOLDEN. But there’s one set in particular that we’re really psyched about….

Are you ready for FREE CAJUN IMPROV ???
There is no better proof of the universality, endless scope, and continuing vitality of free improvisation than GERARD DUPUY. A resident of Moncla, LA (on the Red River) in Avoyelles Parish, Mr. Dupuy is the leader of the Moncla Cajun Band and plays the traditional instruments used in Cajun music, particulary the violin. He is know in those circles as the “Stump Man” due to the tree stump he stands on in performances. Gerard is a retired GED instructor from the Jumonville Memorial Area Technical Institute. He performed in France and London for the first times this past June. BUT in addition to all of this, Mr. Dupuy has independently evolved his own free-improvising approach to the double-bass that in some way resembles the organic treetrunk crackle-and-throb of such giants as Peter Kowald and William Parker but filtered through Mr. Dupuy’s life & music experience in Cajun culture. This achievment is all the more remarkable for being developed in relative isolation and with NO knowledge that such an approach to music existed on a worldwide level. Mr. Dupuy arrived to this type of playing completely on his own.

Six years ago, Baton Rouge-based bassist & improvisor BILL HUNSINGER came across film footage from a French doumentary “GUM-BOH! LA! LA!” that featured Mr. Dupuy playing in this fashion and henceforth dedicated himself to finding the man. Since then Hunsinger & Dupuy have met and played together, and will feature the public debut of their collaboration – dubbed CONTRA-CONTRA-CAJUN – at the 2011 Holiday HO-Down.

Needless to say, we are VERY excited to present this dynamic new project to New Orleans listeners. In addition to being fun & exciting music, it serves as living proof that adventurous approaches to sound are RIGHT AT HOME here in Lousiana.

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Christmas Eve Drinking

Finally got that shopping done? Need a drink? Why not go have one at the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel? While you’re there you can experience the beautifully decorated lobby–a tradition the hotel resurrected last year.

Wanna keep drinking?…Then go over d.b.a. where DJ Lefty Parker and Elves will be bringing you a holiday soul/funk dance party. Bar opens at 7pm. Music starts at 9pm.

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The Old New Orleans Lil Big Vaudeville Variety Show – Holiday Extravaganza!

One-Eyed Jacks has some old-timey, holiday fun lined up this evening. Check it out:

The Frenchmen Street Flauntrepreneurs proudly present…The Old New Orleans Lil Big Vaudeville Variety Show – Holiday Extravaganza (It’s a Real Humdinger!) A night of floor shows, dancing, live music and old timey partying deep in the wilds of the French Quarter! featuring…

Meschiya Lake and her Lil Big Horns Jazz Band

with performances by…
The Basin Street Buttercups
Dante the Magician
Trixie Minx
The Nola Jitterbugs
…and more!

Taxi Dancers and Cigarette Girls too!

$12 cover, $10 with vintage dress

Doors open for social dancing… 9.30pm
Live music and floor shows begin… 10pm

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