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Tig Notaro @ La Nuit Comedy Theater

Tig Notaro–doesn’t that sound like the name of one of Sarah Palin’s kids?–anyway, I know her as the cute cop Sarah Silverman had a crush on, on The Sarah Silverman Program. Apparently she is quite the stand-up in her own right. Par example:

She’s playing tonight at 10pm at La Nuit Comedy Theater. Due to popular demand, a second show has been added tomorrow night at 10pm, too.


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Daniel Tosh

It’s funny to me that Chelsea Handler and Daniel Tosh came to town within a week of each other. I am highly conflicted about both of them. Handler has an empty, black heart, but I also think she’s funny. My husband says he thinks less of me because I watch her show. And Daniel Tosh is kind of a dick. But, for some reason, I can’t not watch his show Tosh.0. The meta “web redemptions” are one of the funniest thing on television. Tosh strikes me as the kind of guy who would have made my life miserable in junior high, and, yet, I am almost tempted to go watch him do his stand-up tonight at the Mahalia Jackson Theatre. Two shows. 7:30 and 10:30. $37.50

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Devendra Banhart vs. Jessica Halem

I really can’t decide which I’d rather go see, folks. Truth be told, I will be doing neither, as I have friends with a baby coming into town this evening. But, if that we were not the case, I would really have a hard time deciding which of these events to grace with my presence.

First there is Devendra Banhart and The Grogs at House of Blues. I still vividly remember seeing Devendra Banhart in San Francisco, in 2002, playing songs from the album Oh Me Oh My, and what would become Nino Rojo. It really blew my mind at the time…Here he is singing a song from that latter album “Little Yellow Spider” to a bunch of kids. Hmmm, perhaps I can mix my interests for the evening with the visiting baby after all?

Then there is Jessica Halem, the queer comedienne, solo-performer, doing her thing at the Allways Lounge. Okay, I don’t think there’s anyway this is going to be appropriate for baby.

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Comedy Sideshow

So, some folks from Austin are passing through town to put on an old fashioned freak show–but with jokes. This is either a great idea, or could go terribly wrong. But, either way, intriguing. Featuring Joel Keith, Black Scorpion and Lizard Man, and music by (local) MC Trachiotomy.


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Celebrity Autobiography

A few years ago a couple of guys (Eugene Pack and Dayle Reyfel) had an epiphany while contemplating Vanna White’s book –wouldn’t it be rather entertaining to listen to celebrities read from other celebrities’ inane autobiographies? Apparently it is entertaining, and this idea became Celebrity Autobiography. Here’s Kristen Wiig reading Suzanne Somers:

Tonight at Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré there are two performances (7 and 9) of Celebrity Autobiography featuring John Goodman, Jennifer Coolidge (love her), Ryan Reynolds, Mario Cantone and others. Tickets are $69 for general admission and $99 for premium seating. And (in sort of an ironic move for a show that pokes fun at the celebrity self-importance) for $60 more, you can attend the star-studded after party following the 9pm show. A portion of ticket sales benefits the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund.

But, hey, if you can’t afford Celebrity Autobiography, you can poke fun at the rich, famous and powerful with the proles over at the AllWays Lounge for Verbatim Verboten. Here’s how they describe it,” VERBATIM VERBOTEN, created 10 years ago in Chicago by Michael Martin, is an ever-changing revue of staged transcripts. These are word-for-word transcripts of noted people (and some ordinary folk) saying things they never meant for the public to hear: surveillance tapes, secretly recorded conversations, forgotten open mics, on-camera diatribes, released emails, private correspondence, et cetera. VERBATIM VERBOTEN has collected over three hundred such pieces, with more being added all the time…meaning no performance is like the one before.” Sundays through July 25th. Tickets $7 (includes one drink). 7 p.m.

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Wednesday Night Comedy

So I’ve got comedy on the brain, as my summer beach (well, actually I’m at a lake) read is Sarah Silverman’s The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage Redemption and Pee. And by “read” I mean “listen” as I have the audio version read by the author, herself. I’m on vacation–you don’t actually expect me to exert my eyes by actually reading, do you?

Anyway, so yeah, comedy…I used to work at a certain rock n’ roll nightclub in the French Quarter that would, from time to time, host comedy shows. I miss that. The shifts were short, sweet and funny! Anyway, they were put on by the hardest working comedian in town, Wild Bill Dykes. It seems Bill has found a new home base for booking some of the top touring comedians: Boomers nightclub at the Boomtown Casino on the Westbank. Just the name “Boomers” makes me laugh.

So Wednesday night comedy is a standing gig, and tonight it features some top talent–in the form of Tom Rhodes, of much Comedy Central fame.

7:30-9:30. Free.

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David Sedaris

Tonight at 8, America’s preeminent humorist, David Sedaris will be at the Mahalia Jackson Theater for an evening of “engaging recollections and readings followed by a book signing.” He doesn’t smoke anymore, but I love this picture.

Seriously, I could listen to David Sedaris’ “engaging recollections” forever. I am having a delusional fantasy of  so dazzling him with my own wit over him signing my book, that he invites my husband and I to stay with him and his boyfriend Hugh, in France, and we all become best friends and eat brie and baguettes and just quip incisively back and forth for, like, ever…But, probably not. Most likely I’ll leave before the book signing, because  those things are awk-ward.

Tickets are still available, in the $50-$75 range with all the fees and such.

I think the best way to experience Sedaris’ work is to listen to him read it–which is why it is so exciting to be seeing him live! So, here is a link to him reading his stories on This American Life. Also, you can buy audible versions of his books. And, ’cause I just can’t get enough, here he is doing his thing on David Letterman some years back:

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