Yale Whiffenpoofs

So, I have a confession. I am a secret fan of The Sing-Off–the a capella competition that recently aired on NBC. No doubt the show started as a reaction to the popularity of Glee–about which I have mixed feelings. Regardless, I really like competition shows featuring people doing creative things extremely well–especially the ones that are strictly about the talent, and not about dramas between the contestants (although I watch shows like that, too). Anyway! So, this season on The Sing-Off, there were a bunch of a capella groups ranging from a group of sextuagenarian guys from Oakland in Jerry Lawson and the Talk of the Town to the privileged sons of the Yale Whiffenpoofs–the hundred year old a capella group from Yale University. There were a smattering of church boys and jazz nerds and children of stage parents in between with awesome names like “Pitch Slapped.” So, one of my favorite moments was when the conductor of the Whiffenpoofs let everyone know that they had invented a capella–as if no one in human history had thought to sing together in harmony, unaccompanied by musical instruments before 1909–and then one of the judges, none other than a former member of Boyz II Men, put that kid in his place.

I can’t believe I have gone on this long about The Sing-Off…So! I forgave the Whiffenpoofs their smugness. And, honestly, I really liked their bizarre and funny stylings. And, they’re in town tonight! They will be performing a free show tonight at 7pm at Trinity Episcopal Church.

BTW: This was one of my favorite moments from the show this season. Forgive me:

But, c’mon, they took this kind of forgettable Beyonce song and turned it into a feminist teenage anthem…Anybody?


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