Night Catches Us

Night Catches Us, the first feature by writer/director Tanya Hamilton, is being held over at Zeitgiest through the 30th & then January 1st-4th, all @ 5:30 pm.

Here’s their description:

In the summer of ’76, as President Jimmy Carter pledges to give government back to the people, tensions run high in a working-class Philadelphia neighborhood where the Black Panthers once flourished. When Marcus returns—having bolted years earlier—his homecoming isn’t exactly met with fanfare. His former movement brothers blame him for an unspeakable betrayal. Only his best friend’s widow, Patricia, appreciates Marcus’s predicament, which both unites and paralyzes them. As Patricia’s daughter compels the two comrades to confront their past, history repeats itself in dangerous ways. Night Catches Us masterfully reckons with the complexity of its characters’ revolutionary ideologies and internal desires. Bell-bottoms, Afros, potlucks, and Caddies set the scene as the film potently interweaves political media with an evocative soul-inspired score by The Roots, summoning a vivid sense of place and time. The golden light that bathes characters’ faces seems to express the promise—and elusiveness—of the necessary change Marcus and Patricia struggle for so dearly—each by separate means. Starring Anthony Mackie, “The Hurt Locker; Tariq Trotter, lead singer for The Roots; Kerry Washington, “Ray,” “Lift”, “For Colored Girls” and the incredible Jamara Griffin. Winner Audience Award – New Orleans Film Festival 2010 and the FIPRESCI Award at the 2010 Seattle Film Festival.


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