Snow Girls

I haven’t actually seen this yet, but I can guarantee you that this show is going to be fabulous. I will miss the annual Running With Scissors “Grenadine” holiday show, but this sounds like it could be even better.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

A parody of the so-terrible-it’s-fabulous 1995 movie SHOW GIRLS, SNOW GIRLS follows one brave, ambitious woman on her quest for fame, fortune, and an igloo to call her own. Watch as our heroine, Nomey, braves ice floes, polar bears, and Elvis impersonators to reach the shiny, shimmery, oh-so-wintry North Pole. But life in the big city isn’t all popsicles and snow-cone stands: the town is littered with wannabe stars, all craving the warm glow of the Northern Lights! But Nomey has an advantage over them: drive and ambition. And really good hair.

Armed with just a switchblade and a dream, Nomey starts her climb to the top, boldly strutting across the backs her competition. She dodges the advances of creepy gingerbread men, wise-cracking reindeer — even the villainess of all villainesses, Miss Krystal Berger! But will one holly, jolly man prevent Nomey from reaching the summit she longs for? Or will he meet the fate of every other ho-ho-ho who stood in her way? Bundle up, tune in, and find out!

@ Southern Rep. Thursdays & Sundays: $20, Fridays & Saturdays: $25.


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