More Fringe…

So, a lot of people I know, out of hand, dismiss the concept of experimental theater. And, it is true that you have to wade though a lot of proverbial poo to find the gems. I find this to be true in all art forms. But, if you are willing to take a chance, occasionally you find something truly extraordinary, and that makes it all worth it. Last night, I got to see Home Made by the Portland, Oregon-based tEEth, at the spectacular church on St. Ferdinand.

Go. Seriously.

So now, with my faith restored in experimental performance, here are my picks for today:

1pm and 3pm: Clamlump and Hunter’s Blind at The Mudlark

5pm: All Aboard

7pm: Port/Architect

9pm: The Truck Project

11pm: Burying Barbie

So sayeth me.



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