Fringe–Day 3

Last night I was dragging my good sport of a husband–who was exhausted from consecutive graveyard shifts–around the neighborhood to see Fringe shows. We went to Architects Alley in pursuit of seeing one show, but accidentally ended up at another show in what felt akin to an alien abduction. Somehow we ended up at Port/Architect by the local Skinhorse Theater company. We debated the show for the rest of the night, which is what art is supposed to make you do, right?
But now I think I’m in need of some laughs with The Liar Show at 7pm, and then back to some more heavy stuff at 9pm with Home Madewhich looks truly lovely, and then, depending on my mood, at 11pm: either more heavy, movement-based stuff with lie, lay, laid or a funny solo show with 52 Man Pick-Up.

BTW: The husband says I have to go with him to an Ultimate Fighting match next week as payback for all this.

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Filed under burlesque, cabaret, circus, dance, musical, puppet, theater

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