New Orleans Fringe Festival

I am so excited about Fringe Festival! It’s a little known fact that Good Liver, here, loves theater, did a turn in an experimental theater group back in the day, and pens plays these days. TMI?

Anywho, last year’s Fringe was such a wonderful time, and this year looks like it’s gonna blow last year away. Over the next 5 days, there are about 30 “Fringe managed” shows at venues pretty much all in the Marigny and Bywater. There are also about 30 more at BYOV’s (Bring Your Own Venue) throughout the city.

The deal is you buy a Fringe button for $3, and then tickets are $8/show. Or you can buy bundles of 5 passes for $30. And you can do all of this on-line through today only! And pre-sales get priority seating. So, I’ll be doing that.

Also, today and tomorrow they are offering free Fringe Peep Shows:

“Can’t decide what to see? Come to our free Fringe Peep Shows, Wednesday November 17 and Thursday November 18 from 5-7 pm to see previews of many of the shows at the Fringe. Free NOLA Brew and Old New Orleans Rum! (wow) At the Free-For-All Tent.”

So, the problem is what to choose! Tonight’s show times are 7 and 9. And there are BYOV shows at 7, 9 and 11. Here’s the schedule.

Todays picks are *drumroll*…. 7pm:  Du Fu, Mississippi. 9pm: The Trail of Tears–I mean Butoh from Birmingham, Alabama about the Native American experience? And at 11pm, round out the night with a little comedy with: Assh*les on the Brink of Limited Epiphanies.



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