It’s a Hard Knock Life

So, there were few things I loved more when I was a little girl than the 1982 film version of Annie. It was the first VHS tape my family procured (by taping the movie off of the television), and my sister and I watched it until the tape became stretched and warped. And, I mean, what’s not to love–Albert Finney, Tim Curry, Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters, and Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt–well, actors playing them.

In these trying economic times I think we could all use the lessons of Annie. Daddy Warbucks was a mean, heartless money-hoarder with no empathy (I’m looking at you Wall Street), who’s life was changed by discovering empathy for an orphan. And, by the end of the movie, after both men and Mrs. Roosevelt have been charmed by Annie’s optimistic song, Roosevelt instructs everyone to sing. He actually commands Warbucks, “Rebuplicans too Oliver, sing!” We need that kind of leadership. Here’s the prelude to that moment:

I also learned some other important lessons watching that movie at 6 years old: How to make bathtub gin. That your parents could die, and imposters could come and try to adopt you and then murder you. And that if you’re cute and sweet enough you can convince conservatives to not be money-grubbing jerks. Ho hum.

Today at noon. Prytania.


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