Os Mutantes and Ariel Pink

Os Mutantes (Portuguese for “The Mutants”) was an influential Brazilian psychedelic rock band from the late sixties and early seventies. They reunited a few years ago–having undergone some permutations since their original line-up. I just listened to some bits of their 2006 album, and it sounds really good. So, I’m super excited that they are back and going to be at One-Eyed Jacks tonight!

They are touring with Ariel Pink, who I am just learning about, and my jury is still out. He is an avant guard musician, my age, who used to be a death rocker and is now associated with “freak folk” which is, I guess, the moniker under which the goths and the hippies from my high school quad finally went to live in peace. I generally like that sort of music, but then I was looking and listening some more, and I was starting to think that he falls more into the category of what I call “art school casualty.” Regardless, I think he puts on the sort of show that one has strong feelings about, one way or the other, and that doesn’t happen every day.

Doors @ 9. $20. (also with another band, Diva.)


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