Remember Lilith Fair?–The late nineties women’s music festival founded by Sarah McLachlan? It was the target of a lot of jokes back in the day, some of them made by me. Somehow, now, I’m a little less cynical than I was at the end of college, and I am happy to hear about Ladyfest–which seems like Lilith Fair’s hipper little sister. A little less Indigo Girls, a little more Cat Power. Or, maybe a better metaphor is: a little more Eve than Lilith.

Anyway, the original LadyFest was started in Olympia, Washington in 2000, and has weathered the test of time, growing into a worldwide event over the last 10 years. You may be the sort of person who asks why is it necessary for ladies to band together based on gender, and to that I answer that–especially in the world of music–we ladies are still woefully underrepresented. SO, without further ado: LadyFest New Orleans 2010. Here’s the schedule for the next few days:

Wed 11/3 at St Anna’s
Danielle Wilson & The Truth

Thur 11/4 BMC
6:00 Zena Moses
7:00 Wendy Darling
8:00 Meschiya Lake
9:00 Jayna Morgan
10:00 Jenn Howard

Fri 11/5 Sweet Lorraine’s
6:00 Kat Walker
7:00 Amy Trail
8:00 Miss Sophie Lee
9:00 Holley Bentdsen and Amasa Miller
10:00 Charmaine Neville
11:00 Michaela Harrison

Sat 11/6 Lost Love Lounge Poetry Power Day
12:00 pm Lady Baby Miss
1:00pm Megan Harris (who will also emcee)
1:15 pm Laura Anne Baselar Brown
1:30 pm Melinda Palacio
1:45 pm Laura Mattingly
2:00pm Heather Tammany
2:15 pm Sunday Angleton
2:30 pm Laurie Wiliams
2:45 pm Melanie Leavitt
3pm Biljana Obradovic
3:15 pm David Leonard & Roselyn Lionhart music & Poetry
3:45 pm Katheryn Krotzer Laborde
4 00pm Robin Kemp
4:15 pm Beverly Rainbolt
4:30 pm Gina Ferrara
4:45 pm Liz Garcia
5:00 pm Monica Miller
5:15pm Lee Grue
5:30 pm Neti Vann & Hannah Kreiger-Benson
with a introductory poem by Esme Vaandager

Sat 11/6 Blue Nile Upstairs
6:00 Beth Patterson
7:00 Lil Red and Big Bad
8:00 Ingrid Lucia
9:00 Susan Cowsill
10:00 Mary Lasseigne
11:00 Lynn Drury

Sun 11/7 Ashe
1:00 Nattie
2:00 Margie Perez
3:00 MaryFlynn’s Prohibition Blues
4:00 Monica MacIntyre
5:00 Zion Trinity

Zeitgeist Multi Disciplinary Arts Center
1618 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. NOLA 70115
8:00 to 9:00 pm Films by Autumn Leonard & Jocelyn Marquis



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