Today is the one day I can go to VooDoo this year, as I will be working my tookus off for the next few days. I also get to be the +1 of my husband who happens to be playing in the Bingo! tent this afternoon, and it is important for us rock n’ roll wives to take advantage of the perks every now and then.

Just as I was thinking that I will probably be spending a lot of time at the Bingo! tent today, as the big touring acts lined up for today aren’t quite doing it for me, I remembered that this is now the VooDoo music and art experience. So, I’ve been doing a little research as to the what and where when it comes to the art installations around City Park. There are 13 pieces by local and international artists, and you can create your own custom schedule on the VooDoo site.

Also, there is food. Food, glorious food. I’ve got my eye on some chargrilled oysters. Maybe a crepe. Also, the pressed sandwiches are looking good. There will definitely be a Natchitoches meat pie…


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