MC Sweet Tea and Da Tastee Hotz

Rapper/performance artist MC Sweet Tea used to live in New Orleans, and performed at some insanely fun shows back in the day. I heard of her the same time I heard of Peaches, and to me, at the time, they had sort of a similar aesthetic. It sounds like her vision has evolved over the years into something called honkytonkpunkrockhiphop-burlesque. She’s back in town to perform at the Voodoo Experience this weekend. Tonight Preservation Hall will be hosting a special midnight performance of MC Sweet Tea and Da Tastee Hotz (her dancers).

Here’s more from Pres Hall:
Currently based out of Austin Texas, Tiana Hux performs/directs musical theatre under the stage moniker MC Sweet Tea. These performances span Burlesque, Puppet Theatre, Hip Hop and Performance Art. Musically, the shows blend Rap/Spoken Word, with elements of rock, electronic, pop and classical music genres. Her 2005 release, Story, remains and underground classic while her much anticipated new work, Animal Ball, will find it’s world premiere at Preservation Hall and Voodoo Fest in New Orleans this Halloween, 2010.


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