Frankenbikes and Bowie

It’s getting on to Halloween, folks. My husband and my “Sammy Hagar the Horrible” and wife costumes are coming along nicely. I wish we had them ready today for the first annual FrankenBike pub ride and costume party–that’s right, a good old-fashioned drunken, costumed bike ride. Everyone meets at 4pm at the R Bar, and the ride commences at 5pm, with stops at some of my favorite bars: Mimi’s, Vaughan’s, Markey’s, Lost Love Lounge, and back to R Bar again for judging, awards and, presumably, more drinking.

If you want to streamline your fun, dress up in something Bowie-esque, so after the bike ride you’re ready to go to the David Bowie tribute at One-Eyed Jacks.

Here are the details for that:

“Cliff Hines, local jazz guitarist and composer, has gathered an all-star cast of local progressive jazz and indie rock musicians for a one-of-a-kind event. Together with Amanda Wuerstlin (Big History), Andrew Hartsock and Michael Girardot (Big Rock Candy Mountain), James Westfall and Rex Gregory (Bionica), George Elizondo and Jonathan Arceneaux (Glasgow!), Helen Gillet (Happy Talk Band), Anthony Cuccia (The Other Planets), and Micah McKee (Silent Cinema) in addition to Sasha Masakowski, Andrew McGowan, Paul Thibodeaux, and Jasen Weaver (The Cliff Hines Quintet) Cliff will be playing two sets consisting solely of the music of DAVID BOWIE! They will be performing music from nearly every era of his career, not just his hits but also his more adventurous music as well. In keeping with the New Orleans Halloween spirit, the concert is also a costume party. Share your love of Bowie by sporting your favorite Bowie look (there are quite plenty to choose from).”

Doors at 9pm.


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