DanFest @ Dragon’s Den

I’m not exactly sure what Dan Fest is a fundraiser for…I guess it’s so the NooMoon people can put on a music festival? Today already looks kind of like a music festival to me…Anywho, over at Dragon’s Den there are about 20 bands playing, from about 4pm-midnight on two stages. The flyer says it starts at noon, but I think that’s changed because of the Saints game. Check out the line-up:

4: Reecy and the Postmodern Bullshit
5: Fat Camp
6: Schatzy
6:30: Jazzholes
7:30: Hammadruz
8:30: Rob Cambre
9:30: Polymos
10:15: Debauche
11: Ray Bong
11:30: Mikronaut
midnight: DJ Proppa Bear

4: Dead People
4:45: ManWitch
5:30: White Bitch & Bones
6: Cherry Brown burlesque
6:15: Won Ton Lust
7: R. Scully
7:45: Gris Gris Strut
8:15: Ratty band
9: Dummy Dumpster
9:45: Stix da Clown
10:30: Happy Talk
11:15: The Unnaturals


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