Kristen Hersh @ Octavia Books!

Kristen Hersh, of Throwing Muses fame, made one of my favorite albums of all time when she went solo. If you haven’t heard Hips and Makers (1994), please drop everything you’re doing right now and buy it. Seriously. It’s a masterpiece. Her songs are like raspy, droll ghost stories. Here she is tearing it up in 1994 on one of the more upbeat songs from that album “Sundrops.”

Speaking of raspy, droll ghost stories, she wrote a memoir (which I read half of earlier this month, and will read the rest of by this evening.) Actually, she didn’t write a memoir, but rather kept a diary when she was 18 and 19 and edited it a little and released it this year as Rat Girl: A Memoir. When I heard that she written the material when she was that age, I was a little worried. (I think I would surely die of embarrassment if anything I wrote at that age was published.) And then I started to read it, and it’s really great. (But then I guess that’s why she’s on a book tour and I’m blogging to no one  in particular in my pajamas right now.) She already had the haunting, surreal, funny voice that you hear in her songs. She also shares a lot about the early years in the band, and details about her extremely unconventional upbringing.

Anywho, she’ll be at Octavia Books reading from and signing Rat Girl: A Memoir at 6 p.m.

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