Prince of Wales Second Line

I have friends in town today, one of whom is in New Orleans for the first time. And I am so glad that they are going to get a chance to go to the Prince of Wales Second Line Parade. I’m lifting all this info straight from the Blog of New Orleans, which is always a good source for what’s happening on the Second Line front.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2010 — 1 P.M. “Ten Ten Tension! Watch Us Shine!

Start: Rock Bottom Lounge, 3801 Tchoupitoulas. Back Peniston to Annunciation. Left on Annunciation. Annunciation to General Taylor. Out General Taylor to Magazine Street. Right on Magazine. Down Magazine to Aline.

Stop: Reesie’s Snowball Stand. Down Magazine to Louisiana. Left on Louisiana. Out Louisiana.

Stop: Sandpiper Lounge, 2119 Louisiana. Out Louisiana to LaSalle. Right on LaSalle. Down LaSalle to Third Street. Right on Third. Out Third to corner of Dryades.

Stop: Charlie Wright’s Watering Hole. Continue out Third to St. Charles Avenue. Right on St. Charles. Up St. Charles to Washington Avenue. Left on Washington. Out Washington.

Stop: Commander’s Palace, 1403 Washington Ave. Out Washington to Annunciation.

Stop: CTC Steppers. Up Annunciation to Louisiana. Left on Louisiana. Out Louisiana to Tchoupitoulas. Up Tchoupitoulas.

Disband: Rock Bottom Lounge, 3801 Tchoupitoulas.

2010 Queen — Shavonda Jacobs

In memory of Dinneral Shavers, Brandon Franklin and all our departed Prince of Wales/Lady Wales.

Here’s some footage from last year:


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