Devendra Banhart vs. Jessica Halem

I really can’t decide which I’d rather go see, folks. Truth be told, I will be doing neither, as I have friends with a baby coming into town this evening. But, if that we were not the case, I would really have a hard time deciding which of these events to grace with my presence.

First there is Devendra Banhart and The Grogs at House of Blues. I still vividly remember seeing Devendra Banhart in San Francisco, in 2002, playing songs from the album Oh Me Oh My, and what would become Nino Rojo. It really blew my mind at the time…Here he is singing a song from that latter album “Little Yellow Spider” to a bunch of kids. Hmmm, perhaps I can mix my interests for the evening with the visiting baby after all?

Then there is Jessica Halem, the queer comedienne, solo-performer, doing her thing at the Allways Lounge. Okay, I don’t think there’s anyway this is going to be appropriate for baby.


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