New Orleans Media and Democracy

This evening at 7pm (doors at 6:45), the Louisiana Humanities Center kicks off its annual discussion series. This season’s theme is “The New Orleans Media: A Series of Discussions on the Fourth Estate in the City.” Tonight’s panel is entitled “Media & Democracy.” Here’s what they have to say about it:

This is the first installment in our bi-weekly, three month series on the news media in New Orleans. These discussions will focus on the history, roles, and challenges of news outlets in New Orleans. Based in the LHC’s mission of providing historical context for current events, the series aims to foster an informed public dialogue on the state of media today.

On Wednesday, Oct. 6th, Dr. Robert Mann of LSU’s Manship School willmoderate a discussion with Gambit Weekly editor-in-chief Kevin Allman, Jason Berry of the American Zombie blog, and Campbell Robertson, the New Orleans correspondent for The New York Times. The panel will focus on the evolving of roles and forms of the Fourth Estate in the 21st century city.

Future Panels:
October 20th: Politics and Polarization in the Meida – moderated by Dr. Michael Sartisky
November 3rd: The Economics of Newspapers – moderated by Jed Horne
November 17th: Figaro, The Vieux Carre Courier & The Lens: Investigative Journalism Past & Present – moderated by Jack Davis
December 1st: African-American Voices – moderated by Warren Bell
December 15th: Live at 6: Network News



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