Rex Presley Benefit Variety Show

Years ago there was an event called the, ahem, Gash Bash, in which a bunch of folks here in NOLA got together in order to raise some money to help our friend complete her gender reassignment surgery. Well, it seems a certain Mr. Rex Presley also has some very good friends who are helping him fund the completion of his reassignment. The Rex Presley Benefit Variety Show continues tonight at the Mudlark Theatre.

Here’s what the Mudlark folks have to say about it:

This weekend will feature a brand new passion play in shadow puppetry about the life and legacy of Saint Liberata, the bearded lady to whom Italian women pray when threatened by unhappy marriages.

The performances will also include gender-fuck royalty, uncommon burlesque, live music by local-to-the-neighborhood bohemians, and so much more.

So there!

$10 suggested donation. Doors at 9pm. All proceeds from bar go to Rex Presley fund.


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