Collecting 101

Afraid we’ve only seen the beginning of the world economy collapse? Is stockpiling gold a little to Tea Party-ish for you? If you’re looking for a place to invest your money–presuming you have any–why not collect art?

It’s funny, this morning I saw that one of my favorite local artists, Myrtle Von Damitz, has some new work for sale. If I had any money I would buy it. Although I already have a couple of her pieces. Perhaps I should diversify?

Looks like I should attend Collecting 101. The first installment in this series is self-taught artists, hosted by the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. This evening at 6pm, there will be a panel discussion with prominent collectors of self-taught art. Call 539-9614 or email for details. $10, free for members.

IMAGE: “Cotton to Gin” (1950) by Clementine Hunter. Collection of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Gift of Carolyn and James Fortino


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