New Orleans Seafood Festival

The 4th Annual New Orleans Seafood Festival continues today in Lafayette Square. Of course, this begs the question about the safety of Gulf seafood. Here’s what the event organizers have to say about that:

A note about the BP oil spill and its effect on seafood. Seafood from Louisiana is safe and healthy to eat. In fact, New Orleanians seem to be enjoying their favorites more than usual. Precautionary closures are in place in some of Louisiana’s fishing waters, but the majority of Louisiana’s fishing areas – 70 percent of the coastline – are not in the spill area nor in the current zones and remain open and bountiful.

To date, all tests are coming back showing that Louisiana seafood is safe to consume. (And we know it tastes better and is used in more famous dishes than seafood from any other part of the world.) This is important for consumers who need to know that their food is safe to eat, but also for fishermen who need to be able to sell their product with confidence.

Well, okay then! There will be food from ACME Oyster House, Remoulade, Café Giovanni, Pigeon Caterers, Drago’s Seafood Restaurant, Saltwater Grill, Galatoire’s Restaurant, Mr. B’s Bistro, Mr. Mudbug, Oceana, Ninja and more! There is a whole bunch of art, too.

The festival continues until 8 this evening, and from 11-5 Sunday. All proceeds from the event benefit the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation. Admission is free!


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