Katrina Anniversary at NOMA

What to do on Katrina day?

You know what you shouldn’t do? Get home from work about midnight on the morning of Katrina day and open a bottle of wine and watch the first three hours of If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise. You will wake up on the afternoon of Katrina day feeling depressed and a little head-achy, and wishing you had gotten to bed early so that you could have headed over to NOMA, where people are doing constructive things with their Katrina angst.

Admission to NOMA is free this weekend. Yesterday and this morning they screened all of season 1 of Treme. Now, from 1-4, there is family art making in the Great Hall.

Also, here’s the press release for the exhibit which just opened:

UNTITLED [New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, 2005] exhibition Misrach’s 69 photographs focus on the graffiti left by New Orleans evacuees, revealing a range of individual reactions and giving a human face to the wreckage. Among them are: “Don’t Try – I am sleeping inside with a big dog, an ugly woman and two shotguns …” “Hey Katrina!! That’s all you got? We will be back!!” and “Destroy this memory.”

Misrach shot the photographs between October and December 2005 with a 4 MP pocket camera. The Houston Museum of Fine Arts is also exhibiting the work. Five complete sets of the work have been created and are now in the permanent collections of NOMA, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art, New York, the National Gallery of Art and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

At 2,  Misrach is giving a lecture in Stern Auditorium, and at 3 is signing in the Museum Shop.


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