Someone’s in the Kitchen with St. Dymphna

So, I’m on a working vacation right now. The truth is, today is not today at all, but actually a few days ago when I was banking blog posts so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it while I’m away. Hopefully, something hugely catastrophic hasn’t happened in the interim, making this post seem totally inappropriate. Wow. What a strange and dark vision. Speaking of strange and dark visions (nice segue, eh?)…

I am so excited about the huge boom in weird and wonderful theater cropping up in New Orleans. For instance, it’s Monday night and I can’t decide which of these two shows I’d rather see.

There’s The Story of St. Dymphna (plus bands) at the Mudlark Theater. Here’s how they explain it: “behold the making of the patron saint of madhouses told in shadow and rod puppetry and the heavy sounds of THOU ( NOLA) and THE BODY (Providence, RI), 7pm $5 suggested if you please.”

and also:

Six in a Kitchen at the AllWays Lounge. Which is described thusly, “SIX IN THE KITCHEN is a ten minute playwriting workshop produced and lead by author/playwright, Michelle Embree (creator of the play HAND OVER FIST & the YA novel MANSTEALING FOR FAT GIRLS). This workshop began in the Lower 9th Ward at the MARTIN LUTHER KING BRANCH of the New Orleans Public Library. Embree has taken each participant through every stage in the process of writing the 10 minute play… The result is 6 new works …ready for your listening enjoyment!” 8pm. Free!


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