Red Dresses and Dirty Linen

Oh dear, it’s the Red Dress Run again. Presumably, if you are participating you are already at Washington Square Park. For the rest of us: beware. Starting at noon, hundreds of drunk people are going to be running through the Marigny, the French Quarter and beyond. You will know them by the red clothes they are wearing. By evening, this tends to get a little, uh, loose. And just in time to collide with Dirty Linen Night. From 6pm-10pm, the entirety of Royal Street in the Quarter (200-1000 blocks) will be a great big party. More than 60 venues, mostly galleries, will be open, including artists in their studios. Dirty Linen Night Headquarters is located at Creole Cuisine, where there will be food and the official Dirty Linen Martini.–Just the night cap those Red Dress people need.

They do raise a lot of money for charity, though. Just sayin’.


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