Before (During) After

This evening from 6-8, in the CAC‘s cafe, there will be a book signing and artist talk for Before (During) After. The book is a visual and literary exploration of how Hurricane Katrina has transformed the lives and work of 12 photographers. “Five years in the wake of the storm, we discover Katrina’s imprint on the creative expression of each artist. Adding depth to the pictorial representation, each photographer has written an intimate account of how Katrina changed his or her life, work and vision of the future. The photographers include: Eric Julian, Elizabeth Kleinveld, Rowan Metzner, David Rae Morris, Thomas Neff, Sam Portera, Frank Relle, Jennifer Shaw, Mark Sindler, Zack Smith, Jonathan Traviesa, and Lori Waselchuk. Additional written contributions provided by John Biguenet, Dr. Tony Lewis, and Steven Maklansky.”

At today’s signing will be: John Biguenet (who is a local author whose work I really like. See: The Torturer’s Apprentice, Oyster), Thomas Neff, Jennifer Shaw, Zack Smith, Eric Julien, Sam Portera.

Also, if you want to support locally-owned bookstores, but also like to shop online (like me) you can do so at Octavia Books’ website. Pretty cool, eh?

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