Drinking Liberally

Drinking liberally is not a new concept for most New Orleanians–ah, but this is a double entendre, you see. Drinking Liberally is an arm of the Living Liberally organization, which has 287 chapters in 50 states and DC. I haven’t heard about other “Liberally” activities in our area, such as eating, laughing, reading, screening, etc. Nope, we start with the drinking, natch.

So Drinking Liberally New Orleans meets the first Thursday of the month at 7pm at, where else, Pravda, our local Soviet-themed, Goth-y, Absinthe bar. Doesn’t every town have one? Really, any excuse to go to Pravda is enough for me. The space is beautiful and strange, and they have 50 varieties of Vodka and a dozen or so Absinthes they dispense from this beautiful Art Nouveau dispenser. Also they have great espresso and coffee. And, food on the weekends. See you there, comrade.


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Filed under bars, civics, cocktails

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