Rasputina @ One-Eyed Jacks

So, I have a dirty, little secret…I was a weekend goth in my mid-teens, and part of me still likes all things weirdly dark, Romantic and Victorian–like the music of Rasputina, for instance. I was well past that phase when their 1996 album Thanks for the Ether came out, but I loved it anyway. It seems that, over the years, the aesthetic of the band has trended from Victorian goth-y to Freak Folk. The members of the band change a lot, except for the band’s creator Melora Creager. This is what it looks like these days.

Well, tonight Rasputina is coming to One-Eyed Jacks. With Larkin Grimm. $18. Doors at 9.

I saw them some years ago, and remember them doing a cover of the Heart song “Barracuda.”–Quite like this:


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