Dinner and a Movie

This afternoon, from 4-6, the Southern Food & Beverage Museum is kicking off a new event series “Dinner and a Movie.” On the last Sunday of the month they will screen some informative documentaries about food (read: food porn), and then send you off with a coupon for a local restaurant.

Here’s what they have to say about today’s films:

“The first night of our series will kick off with a selection of Southern Foodways Alliance Films directed by Joe York: Cut /Chop/ Cook and Capital Q, both discussing Carolina style BBQ. We will also have a special showing of Pat Mire’s movie Dirty Rice, the story of a young man forced to restore his father’s rice farm before it goes under. Each touches on a food and culture that has built upon next to nothing to create delicious food and a sense of place.”

Then, with your tastebuds fully aroused,  you get a coupon for a free appetizer at Zea.

Event free, with admission to the museum.


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