Spirited Dinners

Pairing cocktails with dinner as you would wine? Why not? Tonight’s big Tales of the Cocktail event is the Spirited Dinners going on around the city.

Here’s the skinny:

“Each Spirited Dinner® will have a distinctive menu with a range of cuisine from appetizers to desserts, served along with extraordinary cocktails of all variations and flavors. At each Spirited Dinner®, a team of authors, mixologists, and bar-chefs have worked alongside New Orleans’ most prestigious restaurants to bring you a unique and exciting menu.

Spirited Dinner® guests will learn mixing and pairing techniques straight from the menu designers. To further enrich your experience, these creators will be on-hand for advice on anything food or cocktail. In order to ensure an intimate dining experience, space has been limited and reservations are required. The Spirited Dinner® series combines quality service, remarkable menus, and an unforgettable encounter in the heart of New Orleans. At $85 – $100 per person, each Spirited Dinner® will include a fabulous four to six course meal, tax, tip, and a paired cocktail with each course.”

Not a bad deal, actually.

Here are the participating restaurants and the menus they are offering this evening:


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