Worldwide BP Protest Day Today

Dallas, Johannesburg, Concord, CA, Naples, FL, Houston, Greensboro, Orlando, Summerside PEI, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin, Cincinatti, Daytona Beach, Leitchfield, KY, Long Beach, MS, Saint Petersburg, FL, New York City, New Orleans, Sacramento, San Marcos and Austin, TX…these are some of the cities that have organized protests about BP’s handling of the Gulf oil disaster.

I’ll reprint the information about the New Orleans event which takes place at 6pm on the steps next to Cafe du Monde:

This is the New Orleans Chapter of the Worldwide BP Protest Day where we will unite in voice with dozens of major cities around the globe. The purpose of this event is to demand better legislation that seizes power from the oil companies and corporations who have been ravaging our homeland for decades. We will unite to demand justice and accountability for the destruction of our environment and for the physical and psychological damage inflicted upon our families, friends, and loved ones.

These atrocities cannot continue. Let us join forces on July 10th to let our voices be heard. Attend and invite all your friends. We CAN save the GULF. We CAN save the CITY. We CAN save the PLANET and we CAN save OURSELVES.

It is requested that if you can’t make the New Orleans Event in person, you find 5 other people to take your place, whether it be locally or in one of the other cities participating.

Local starter: Lauren Goldfinch
Information on Global Event, including participating cities:

After the protest the Krewe of Dead Pelicans will proceed to Molly’s where we will be greeted by the music of the Pair ‘o Dice Tumblers. DRINK SPECIAL: Come with a sign, and get $1 High Life’s from 8 till 10! Join us!

Hope to see y’all there!


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