Wednesday Night Comedy

So I’ve got comedy on the brain, as my summer beach (well, actually I’m at a lake) read is Sarah Silverman’s The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage Redemption and Pee. And by “read” I mean “listen” as I have the audio version read by the author, herself. I’m on vacation–you don’t actually expect me to exert my eyes by actually reading, do you?

Anyway, so yeah, comedy…I used to work at a certain rock n’ roll nightclub in the French Quarter that would, from time to time, host comedy shows. I miss that. The shifts were short, sweet and funny! Anyway, they were put on by the hardest working comedian in town, Wild Bill Dykes. It seems Bill has found a new home base for booking some of the top touring comedians: Boomers nightclub at the Boomtown Casino on the Westbank. Just the name “Boomers” makes me laugh.

So Wednesday night comedy is a standing gig, and tonight it features some top talent–in the form of Tom Rhodes, of much Comedy Central fame.

7:30-9:30. Free.


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