Pho All the Lovers Out There

There’s a new bar in my neighborhood, and I’m officially digging it. The Lost Love Lounge, on Franklin Avenue in the Marigny, is a dark, little, dive bar with a good vibe and a little Vietnamese restaurant in back called Marigny Pho. The food is good and cheap, but not necessarily fast, but they’re working out the kinks. The kitchen is open from 6-midnight Wednesday-Sunday, and I recommend going later, after the dinner rush. Here’s the menu.

During all the hooplah over Treme, Lost Love became the place to go watch the show on Sunday nights. Then, when the World Cup got under way, with America giving a pretty good showing and therefore people giving a crap, Lost Love had their finger on the pulse, showing the games at all hours (which they still are). The stars seem to be aligning for this little place. Last week The New York Times decided to do a little photo essay about the Marigny/Bywater, and there was Lost Love last week gracing the (virtual) pages of The Grey Lady. They book all kinds of events, comedy, spelling bees–see, they’ve identified a new demographic who’s needs weren’t being served–the nerdy barflies, of which I am one. You are a welcome addition to the neighborhood Lost Love.



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2 responses to “Pho All the Lovers Out There

  1. Danielle

    I Love the LLL!

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