Bingo! at Tipitina’s

I remember when Bingo! was just a few kids who worked at Fiorella’s clowning around in the back of the restaurant while Clint Maedgen sang. Now, it’s “The New Orleans Bingo! Show” and I think they’ve performed for, like, the president or something. There’s also the Bingo! tent at VooDoo Fest which includes lots of local rock bands in the big festival. They’re not playing around! Well, they are playing around, but they’re also working hard at world domination. Almost there guys.

How do you explain Bingo? Hmmm…imagine if Morris Day and the Time got into Tin Pan Alley and became performance artists. Something like that.

Tonight they are putting on the spectacle at Tipitina’s as part of the Tipitina Foundation’s Free Friday series. 10pm. Free!

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