Concrete Blonde at the Republic

OMG you guys! Cowboy Junkies and Concrete Blonde coming through town in the same week? Now, if we could just get Mazzy Star, Kristen Hersh, Hole, Sinead O’Connor and Belly to come through, I think we’d have side 2 of my journal writing mixtape from 1993. Seriously Concrete Blonde’s “Bloodletting” is a great album. In fact, the song “Bloodletting” my have had a little bit to do with many a teenagers’ New Orleans fascination.

Here’s the 1990 video for “Joey.” Seriously Johnette Napolitano’s voice is ri-dic.

At The Republic. Doors at 7:30. Ven Pac Ca opens. $25 at the door.



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4 responses to “Concrete Blonde at the Republic

  1. This doesn’t pertain to any particular post more than the other, but I just felt compelled at this moment to comment that this is a wonderfully written and informative site and I thoroughly enjoy my regular visits here.

    Enjoy the show.

  2. I remember seeing Belly live in like 1994 or ’95 at the State Palace Theater, great show. The awesome thing was that the Goo Goo Dolls opened for them (before they made it big with the ‘Iris’ song) and were booed off the stage because they were so terrible.
    Like the blog, check it every day. Thanks.

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