Pecha Kucha Night

I love it when I find out about some smart, creative phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, completely unbeknownst to me. For instance, take Pecha Kucha. It is a concept and a format that started in Tokyo, in 2003, as a way for designers to share their work. Basically, creative people get together, they get to show twenty images, and they get twenty seconds for each one. So, each presentation is a little over six minutes. The idea is that the structure makes presentations concise, and keeps the conversation moving. I think this a brilliant idea, as any headless organization trying to meet and share ideas or, heaven forbid, come up with any course of action, is often, in my experience,  an exercise in futility.

Apparently this Pecha Kucha has been happening in New Orleans. Tonight is the fourth installment, and is centered around the crisis in the Gulf. Here’s an excerpt from the invitation I received:

NO/other and The Building Block at the Icehouse has invited 10 practitioners from various fields in the local creative and academic community; J. O. Evans III: FutureProof Director, Sustainability Consultant/artist, Monique Verdin: Photographer: Photo documentation of oil spill impacts on fishermen, Dana Eness: Urban Conservancy: Showing the trickle down economic impact effect, Nick Slie: Artist/performer: Loup Garou, Dan Favre: Gulf Restoration Network Campaign Director, Ritchie Katko: Landscape architect; recently went to Haiti to assist with site, Lauren Goldfinch: FutureProof LEED Project Administrator, Michel Varisco: Environmental Artist / Photographer, Don Blancher Systems Ecologist, ED of Groundwork NO and Bob Tannen BID in environmental design, MFA; Artist, designer, urban planner and activist.

Tonight at 7pm, at The Building Block at the Icehouse. Map. $5 suggested donation will benefit Gulf Restoration. And, this being New Orleans there will be cocktails, oh, and tacos.


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