Hot and Nasty

So, summer is unofficially here, and the days are hot and nasty. Why even bother with them? The days, I mean. Just wait and  go out at night. Sure, you may have to work in the morning. And, truth be told, the nights are hot and nasty, too. But really, what better way to spend a summer night in New Orleans than sweating in a dive bar, jumping up and down to rock and roll?

Tonight at the Circle Bar, Shellshag is cruising through town. They are a duo from Brooklyn whose energy at live shows is really hard to capture in words. Shell plays guitar, Shag plays drums, standing up. Actually, she turns her whole body into a percussive instrument…Basically, it rules.

With Bipolaroid and Bellys. 10pm.


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One response to “Hot and Nasty

  1. I read this thinking it was about certain females I would like to meet: hot and nasty. Mostly, at least on Frenchmen Street, they have been hot, but not nasty, or nasty, but not hot. Maybe Madame Zadora can clue me via my horoscope: Taurus (but on the “cusp”). “You vill meet ah verrry HOT und NASTY girl verrrry soon…” Oh, pluuueese! I’m way too old for hot and nasty. Just a nice and willing would do as well. And rich.

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