New Orleans Oyster Festival

The inaugural New Orleans Oyster Festival began yesterday and continues through this evening. Of course, the tone of the event will be heavy as the future viability of Gulf oysters is seriously in question. In fact the Times-Picayune wrote a good article about the festival and oyster eating urgency. The proceeds go to “Save Our Coast,” so go and eat some oysters and have some fun.

And check out all the amazing food vendors!

Oh, and here is the schedule of events left for today:

Day Long Festival (11 am – 6 pm)

Local Chefs & Celebrity Acme’s “Oyster Eating Contest” (12 pm)

Acme’s “After the Catch Oyster Eating Contest,” featuring the Crew from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch Program (1 pm)

Acme’s “International Federation of Competitors Eaters Professional Eating Contest” (2 pm)

Acme’s “Kid’s Root Beer Float Eating Contest” in the Kid’s Area (4 pm)


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