Erosion and Subsidence

In watching a Rachel Maddow interview regarding the state (and potential fate) of the freshwater wetlands, I was struck by the words “erosion and subsidence.” In that context the words referred to the literal washing away of the wetlands–due to the oil and gas industry’s practices over the years–and how that washing away leads to the areas where people live being much more vulnerable to storms, in an almost exponential cycle.

It seems to me that people’s awareness of how the natural world functions, and how it in turn affects us, has eroded and subsided. We need to get educated. That was what Rachel Maddow was trying to do in her interview–to educate the public. And that is what the folks who organized today’s “Teach-In on the Tragedy Unfolding in the Gulf” are trying to do. Let’s fight erosion and subsidence on both literal and figurative levels:

“This event seeks to bring concerned citizens together to LEARN, ASK and ACT. Many of us are watching this tragedy in the Gulf unfold with many questions and concerns. Even though none of us can physically stop the oil from gushing into our beautiful Gulf we can become educated and act in small ways.”


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