Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

I need to confess something here…It’s getting harder and harder to do a a light, little blog about lifestyle and things to do in New Orleans. When I started this project, at the beginning of the year, I had this sense that things were finally returning to normal, that it would be appropriate to start highlighting the lighter things. There are angry, political blogs everywhere, and I wanted to do something different, a sort of personal essay-style take on arts and leisure writing, with the occasional foray into civic duties. But, with this nightmare in the Gulf Of Mexico, I feel almost callous sharing recipes and talking about festivals. It seems like very available breath should be devoted to doing something about this catastrophe. The protest on Sunday left me feeling somewhat emboldened. But the idea that individuals can affect change in our country is becoming more difficult to believe. I think it is appropriate that Prytania Theatre is showing Mr. Smith Goes to Washington today for it’s Wednesday matinee.

Frank Capra had a somewhat cynical view of American democracy, but his movies–especially Mr. Smith–suggest that individual people can make a difference. I wonder if in our modern corporate plutocracy we still live in that America? Today at noon.



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2 responses to “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

  1. You are right. I think you should write about the goings-ons down there and perhaps mix them in with other sights and sounds and tastes of New Orleans. I would love to see photos from the protests or hear what people are saying. You know, it seems pretty hard to find REAL NEWS on the subject and a blog entry that sheds light in a personal way on the matter would be refreshing to say the least. What a tragedy this entire mess is.

  2. dianalily

    What you are doing here, highlighting the ongoing, glorious culture in and around New Orleans is immensely important. There is more to New Orleans than the travesty in the Gulf right now, just as there is more to the city than that man-made disaster five years past. Not to minimize our current atrocity at all. However, if we want people to continue to visit, and to provide needed distractions to our friends and fellow natives, then word needs to get out about the positives, too – and you are doing a lovely job with that! I know it’s not always easy and I, for one, would not blame you for mixing in some news, information, or even anger with your posts. But please keep going.

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