R. Scully & Rough Seven CD Release

Oh, dear. After last weekend’s Happy Talk Band CD release party at d.b.a., I just don’t know if I am already ready for R. Scully & the Rough Seven‘s party. I’m going to have to plan ahead this time, bring snacks and hydration–I’m talking survivalist partying. This show is going to be bonkers.

So, Ryan Scully, formerly of Morning Forty Federation, is releasing his first album with his new band, Rough Seven. I’ve heard much of it played live, and it’s great. So, when I say “formerly” of the Morning Forty Federation, I guess what that means is that the band is no longer writing new material, but if it’s a special occasion (or, I imagine, the money’s right) they’ll reassemble and play. Tonight is one of those nights. Along with the Rough Seven and the Forties (I just realized that the word “forty” in the title of the band name is taking on a new meaning as everyone is getting older) Happy Talk Band and Rotary Downs will be playing, among others. Better eat your Wheaties.

10pm. $5. d.b.a


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