Gazpacho at the Farmer’s Market

It is officially hot as a mutha. And, it looks like the familiar, summertime, afternoon monsoon rain pattern is about to start up this week. Luckily, the Tuesday Crescent City Farmer’s Market packs it in by 1, a good hour or two before the rain usually starts.

This month Cafe Adelaide is doing the Green Plate special. Today that consists of: roasted tomato gazpacho, alligator and andouille baked penne with fresh mozzarella, turtle soup (available by the bowl hot or in cold quarts), white chocolate biscuit pudding with Barq’s root beer syrup. That gazpacho sounds like a perfect lunch on a hot day like today.

And how about some turtle soup for the freezer? You can defrost and heat it up some time in October when the heat finally abates. Ho hum. Here we go. Summer…


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