Happy Talk Band CD Release (& B-Day Party)

So, full disclosure right up front, Luke Allen of the Happy Talk Band is my favoritest person ever, so much so that I married him. And, I know it is hard to be objective about those you love–that’s why there are therapists–but he is a truly great songwriter, one of the best I’ve ever heard. Speaking of therapists, I think his songs may need one. Happy Talk songs are rock, country, folk and a little punk sometimes, and the music is fun and loud, but if you actually listen, the words are a devastating exploration of the human condition, from bravado-filled, first-person murder ballads, to existential pleas about monkeys in space. Oh yeah, there are also some other guys in the band like Alex McMurray, Casey McAllister and the rhythm section from the Morning Forty Federation.

Now, I don’t use my little blog of no importance to shamelessly promote myself and my friends (well, very occasionally), but tonight this is truly the thing to do. Not only is it the CD release party of the bands third album, “Starve a Fever”–good title huh, told you he was a good writer–it is also Luke’s Birthday, a big birthday necessitating a big party. Be there or be square.

DJ D.L. Parker spins intermittently. d.b.a. 11pm. $5.


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2 responses to “Happy Talk Band CD Release (& B-Day Party)

  1. C Wayne

    An amazing night and a great show. Just what I think Luke needed. Great fun to be able to work with the best songwriter I’ve ever known. Godspeed.

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