Bonnie and Clyde Festival

It’s a bit of a haul, but every year in Gibsland, Louisiana is perhaps the most macabre of Louisiana festivals, the Bonnie and Clyde Festival. The infamous couple was ambushed in Gibsland on May 23rd, 1934. The festival is held on the Friday and Saturday closest to May 23rd. This year it’s Friday and Saturday the 21st and 22nd.

The festival begins on Friday night with live music and a Jambalaya dinner at the Gibsland Grill around 6pm. $10. After dinner is the intellectual portion of the festival, featuring guest speakers which include family members, historians and authors.

Saturday begins with a pancake breakfast at the Lion’s Club around 9am. $5. Then the streets come to life with food vendors, arts and crafts, live music, a parade and bloody reenactments (!). At 11am there is a look-alike contest for would-be Bonnies, Clydes and the officers who ambushed them.

Then at 4:30pm everyone drives out to the actual ambush site for a reenactment by a group of actors from Texas.

Of course while you’re there you have to check out The Bonnie and Clyde Museum.


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