World Cocktail Day!

What will it be that finally unites us? The Smiths gave us the options of “love” or “the bomb.”

May I suggest: perhaps, it is the cocktail.

There is an argument that the desire to make alcohol is what started civilization. And, if that is the case, perhaps it is the thing that will ultimately unite civilization. Let us turn our car bombs into car bombs! Perhaps our diplomatic strategy should involve peer pressuring our enemies into drinking with us. Not saying, just saying.

Well, today you can do your part for world peace by attending the World Cocktail Day celebration at the Museum of the American Cocktail within the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. “Mixologists,” bartenders and restaurateurs will be demonstrating preparations and serving up food and drink. Admission is $50, but hey, that includes food and drinks. 5 pm-8 pm.


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