William S. Burroughs’ Words of Advice

What a wonderfully witty title for the the film two Danish filmmakers constructed out of long-lost footage of a book tour William S. Burroughs took through Scandinavia in 1983, Words of Advice: William S. Burroughs on the Road. I mean, yes, William S. Burroughs is a great American author, but he is also famous for being a heroin addict and shooting his wife. Not sure if I would take his advice. Well, on writing, yes; on living, maybe, maybe not. The film catalogues that trip, as well as seeks to explain some of his later work, and also contains footage of his last years in Lawrence, Kansas. Also! Music by Bill Laswell/Material, Patti Smith, Islamic Diggers, and others.

Continues tonight and Thursday at 9:30pm at Zeitgeist. Screens with two short films.

Also, did you know that he lived for a time in New Orleans, on Algiers Point? Here’s a map.


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