Milky Pigs and Pirates

So, there are two Louisiana festivals–that caught my attention–going on today, and continuing through this weekend. The first is the Cochon de Lait Festival in Mansura, Louisiana. I love the poster:

Cochon de Lait is one of my favorite things to eat. One year at Jazz Fest, I was in hot pursuit of a Cochon de Lait poboy, with my francophone sister-in-law from Montreal in tow. “What is milky pig?” she asked me. And that’s when I realized that Cochon de Lait literally means “pig in milk” or “milky pig,” but actually it refers to the fact that the pig is a suckling pig, or has only fed on mother’s milk. So, now she and I have a little song called “Milky Pig,” that we sing to the tune of “Salty Dog“–but that is neither here nor there. The festival offers “a giant Midway, nightly street dances, great cajun food, contests, parade, arts/crafts booths and so much more.” May 6-9.

Also going on this weekend, in Lake Charles, is Contraband Days–which is the best name for a festival, ever.

I can’t really hear the word “contraband” and not think of South American narcotics, or, at the very least, Cuban cigars. But “Contraband”–in this context–refers to Contraband Bayou. Let me reprint “The Legend of Contraband Days.”

Almost three centuries ago, a notorious and ruthless pirate named “Jean Lafitte” and his band of buccaneers were fleeing enemy ships and heading west to Galveston. LEGEND has it that Lafitte & his band of buccaneers would hide out along the waterways in Lake Charles. LEGEND has it that Jean Lafitte’s favorite hideout was CONTRABAND Bayou in Lake Charles. LEGEND has it that the treasure (silver & gold) was hidden and buried by Lafitte in his favorite hideaway Contraband Bayou and hence given why the bayou is named CONTRABAND.

So, yeah, it’s a pirate festival. This festival includes music, pony rides, a carnival, and a sailboat regatta race. I love sailboats.

Continues through May 9th.


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