May Planting

So, it’s a new day in New Orleans. We have a new mayor, finally.

And, although we already had a huge mess on our hands, and now we have an even bigger one with the Gulf disaster, I like the idea of making the symbolic gesture of planting things in our gardens. (How about that for a segue?)

It’s May, and the long, hot summer approaches. But it is still tolerable to be out there in the yard for a little while longer.  And, there are some things to plant in May. Here’s what Dan Gill has to say on the subject on edible things to plant this month in Louisiana:




hot pepper


mirliton (plant the sprouted fruit)




Southern peas


sweet potato (slips)

tomatoes (heat tolerant)




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  1. danielle

    just walked over to Lafayette Square during my lunch break and got to meet our new mayor! That was pretty cool, I like him. now if only he could do something about that fucking oil…

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